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Consulting, training, and coaching services focus on capacity-building in complementary but distinct ways.  All three begin with client-identified issues that refine the scope and nature of the work.  Services will support efforts to: 


  •  Analyze and improve organizational strategy and function      

  •  Provide a learning opportunity for staff or board

  •  Offer focused support for one individual


A conversation with Caryn will help you design the right path to achieve your goals, budget, and timeline...


Consulting creates recommendations to address organizational questions based on data and analysis. 


  • Where are we headed in a dynamic environment? 

  • How can we leverage our strengths to be more efficient and have a greater impact?

  • What steps take us from strategy to action? 

  • Who needs to be involved in our success? 

Digging into the data uncovers patterns, areas of strength, and opportunities for development.  Analysis inspires insights and recommendations from a shared, engaged process to have lasting value.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Board development

  • Leadership development

  • Team-building and communication

  • Implementation planning

  • Meeting facilitation


Training sessions explore new ideas, develop skills and confidence, and build team cohesiveness. 


Learning together deepens understanding, and creates shared expectations that empower participants with techniques that strengthen future work. 


Sessions can range from one hour to full-day to multiple sessions over several months.  All projects have clear learning objectives, a mix of methods to serve many different learning styles – presentation,  group discussion, hands-on activities – as well as practical takeaways to last beyond the training session. 

Some possible training topics include:

  • Board roles and responsibilities

  • Board recruitment and retention

  • Collaboration within the organization or with external partners

  • Strategic planning basics

  • Action plans for accountability



Executive coaching is a process of reflection and learning designed to strengthen an individual’s capacity with insights that fuel positive change.


Engagements usually run several months, with bi-monthly hour long sessions, which are confidential, one-on-one meetings – in person, by phone or online.

Each engagement establishes specific benchmarks for progress and may include homework activities – reading, writing, observation – to extend the learning between sessions.

Coaching goals cover topics such as: 

  • Defining a leadership agenda

  • Transitioning to management from frontline or expert service

  • Building confidence and presence  

  • Improving delegation and communication skills

  • Exploring new career paths

  • Prioritizing work/life balance

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